Brittan Vineyards Moves to the Carlton Winemakers Studio

We have decided to move our winemaking to the Carlton Winemakers Studio this fall. Eric Hamacher, one of the founders of the Studio, worked with Robert in Napa many years ago, and when Eric found that he had some space available this harvest he contacted us and asked us to move our production to this wonderful facility in Carlton. Not only does it give us access to this very efficient, Leed-Certified winery, but it also allows us to showcase our wines at the CWS Tasting Room. Mo Ayoub, who hired Robert as his consulting winemaker in 2008, has also moved his winemaking to the Studio. Please stop by to taste the Brittan and Ayoub wines, along with wonderful selections from Hamacher, Lazy River, Retour, Andrew Rich, Montebruno and Wahle.