While we do not live or die by the press, it is certainly rewarding to have our efforts acknowledged by acclaimed wine writers. It took years to find the ideal site on which to grow Pinot Noir but after an exhaustive search, we found our 128-acre hillside in Oregon in December 2004. We are most appreciative of reviewers and critics recognizing the distinctive McMinnville terroir of this special site.

We’ve singled out just a couple of quotes that we love, along with reviews and articles about our wine.

“Veteran vigneron Robert Brittan had over 30 vintages under his belt when he decided to move from Napa Valley to Willamette Valley in 2014 to make Pinot noir. He purchased a rugged mountain site within the cool McMinnville AVA from which he makes two cuvees, one called Gestalt Block coming from exposed blocks in the vineyard and the other called Basalt Block from the parts of the vineyard that have the heaviest concentrations of broken basalt. He has succeeded in taming the herbaceousness often present in McMinnville fruit while producing wines with low pH and firm acidity sure to send bolts of rapture through lovers of great Burgundy.”

Jay Miller, Wine Advocate, October 2011

“A personal encounter with these singular wines should be high on the to-do list of any wine lover— not just Pinotphile– who hasn’t yet had the experience.”

David Schildknecht, Wine Advocate, August 2012


2012 Basalt Block Pinot noir

  • Taut, tart and vividly expressive, bursting with red berry flavors and overtones of spice and tomato leaf. The finish persists with relish and clear minerality.

    Harvey Steinman

    Wine Spectator 94 Points
  • Wine Advocate 90 Points
  • Wine Enthusiast 93 Points

2011 Basalt Block Pinot noir

  • Wine Advocate 94 Points
  • Wine Enthusiast 91 Points

2010 Basalt Block Pinot noir

  • Wine Spectator 92 Points
  • Wine Advocate 93 Points

2012 Gestalt Block Pinot noir

  • Broad in structure, tangy in balance, with raging acidity playing against ripe cherry, blackberry and mineral flavors, persisting into the vivid, expressive finish.

    Harvey Steinman

    Wine Spectator 93 Points
  • Wine Advocate 91 Points
  • Wine Enthusiast 94 Points

2011 Gestalt Block Pinot noir

  • Wine Advocate 95 Points
  • Wine Enthusiast 92 Points

2010 Gestalt Block Pinot noir

  • Wine Advocate 94 Points
  • Wine Enthusiast 92 Points

2013 Chardonnay

  • A thrilling wine, this impresses instantly with its detail and definition. Vividly fruity mix of melon, apple and stone fruits, this tangy, toasty effort has nuanced notes of herb and mineral as well.

    Paul Gregutt

    Wine Enthusiast 94 Points

2012 Chardonnay

  • Wine Advocate 89 Points

2013 Basalt Block Pinot noir

  • Wine Advocate 91 Points
  • Wine Spectator 90 Points
  • Vinous 90 Points

2014 Gestalt Block Pinot noir

  • Vinous 92 Points
  • James Suckling 95 Points
  • International Wine Report 95 Points

2013 Gestalt Block Pinot noir

  • “What a sophisticated and compelling Pinot noir, a sensorial delight, but at the same time intellectual. This comes highly recommended.”

    Neal Martin

    Wine Advocate 93 Points